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Reign Art Studios creates unique sculpted wall art inspired by natural textures and formations.  With our passion for creating art that speaks a thousand words in a precious moment, we've designed multi-media, abstract pieces that tell a story all of their own. 


From wood, to rock, fire, water and ice, each design is created to emanate feelings of wonder and awe in a timeless fashion. Using a unique combination of materials and techniques we are able to 3 dimensionally represent ideas that are close to our hearts. 

Our creations bring along an experience for your space.

Reign Art Studios was birthed by the artistic passions of Tyler Smith and Peter Charron. With over 40 years combined experience in the film industry, building props for hundreds of films and countless television shows, both men decided to leave their film careers behind, in pursuit of art that their fans could actually take home.


Tyler and Peter's joint passion for nature and art, as well as their technical experience in construction, mixed media, fabrication, sculpting, mold-making and casting made them a brilliant duo. Their history in film and their past collaborations made

Reign Art Studios the perfect fit. 

Raised in Vancouver, BC, Peter fell in love with art at an early age. Starting with drawing, sculpture and painting, he was able to exhibit his artwork in galleries by age 14. 

Trying his hand at stained glass, metal fabrication, woodworking, construction, display manufacturing and mold making, Peter found himself searching for new and exciting projects.

Exciting and challenging is what he found when he eventually landed in prop building and special effects within the demanding film industry. 

For the next 14 years, Peter and his team were responsible for thousands of props builds and practical effects for hundreds of commercials, TV series and feature films. Peter's company managed everything from mold making, sculpting, fabrication, painting, and electronics. They worked on projects ranging from the hit TV series "Supernatural" and "Once Upon a Time" to Oscar winning films such as "Deadpool" and "The Revenant".

Born in Vancouver and raised in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Tyler studied film in Victoria. After graduating, he once again returned to Vancouver to launch his career in the quickly growing film industry. 

Testing the waters in departments ranging from Special FX to Costumes and Set Decoration, Tyler found himself searching for the next big challenge, that the film industry could throw his way.

After being recognized for his skills and experience in the Props Department, Tyler began building his reputation as one of the most sought after Props Masters in Vancouver's coined "Hollywood North."

Over the next 20 years, Tyler would often take time off between shows to explore his other creative talents, such as underwater photography. Traveling the world, he would stop to take photos in some of the world's most spectacular ocean waters.

Eventually, creating props for film no longer fulfilled his desires for the next exciting project. So, Tyler decided to seek out further creative freedoms as an artist.

"I think Tyler and I are at a point where it just feels like everything we have learned over the last 25 years has lead us to this place... In the end, we hope that you can see our work for what it is. Pure joy and inspiration married with many years of hard work and experimentation." Peter Charron

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